New Place, New House, New Friends

yes, we again moved! Since after the earthquake in Palu, our former home, we can not lieve there anymore. All our close friends have moved and we needed to find a place for our son to live, so he can do school together.

Our leadership, desited for us that we move to our other base in Indonesia. We are living in Wamena on the island Papua right now.

We have a big team here and it is great. Our son has a class made, which my wife is also teaching at home.

Language Study

Since November we are studying the local Language. So far we have settled in the new inviroment. Until April we have time to do so, before Matthias will move on in getting to know the new type of helicopter and landing places.

Our son and Lisa are meeting regulary with new friends for play dates.

Thank you for partnering with us.



we finally know were we are going! Asia-Pacific is our new destination with Helimission.

Please pray for a safe transition and also for an easy language learning.

Thank you for partnering with us. God bless